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Varistors are the core devices of lightning surge protection

Lightning in summer is easy to damage electrical and electronic equipment, so many projects will use varistors to protect equipment and electronic components. Due to its advantages of fast response time, large flow capacity and no follow-up current, varistor has become the core device of mainstream lightning surge protection products in the market.


Surge is also called sudden wave. It includes surge voltage and surge current. The peak value exceeding the stable value and the transient overvoltage exceeding the normal working voltage appear instantaneously. In essence, a surge is a violent pulse that occurs in a few millionths of a second. Lightning surge does great harm to equipment. If the surge voltage of lightning surge exceeds the carrying capacity of the equipment, the equipment will be completely damaged or greatly reduced, and voltage fluctuation and interference will occur. Therefore, we need varistors to protect our electrical appliances.

"Varistor" is a kind of resistance device with nonlinear voltage-ampere characteristics, which is mainly used to clamp the voltage when the circuit is over-voltage, absorb excess current, and protect sensitive devices. It has a variety of surge carrying capacity: standard, high surge, ultra-high surge, large current processing and energy absorption capacity.

What is the use of varistor? The characteristic of a varistor is that when the voltage on it is increased below its threshold value, the "UN" current is very small when flowing through it, equivalent to a closed valve. When the voltage exceeds, the resistance of UNdang decreases, which makes the current flowing through it surge, and the impact on other circuits is not changed, thus reducing the impact of overvoltage on subsequent sensitive circuits. Therefore, when lightning surge or surge occurs in the circuit, the varistor can suppress abnormal overvoltage and protect the circuit from overvoltage damage.

Varistor is very important in circuit. One of its functions is to suppress the huge voltage generated by lightning strikes and surges. It is an important condition to protect circuit safety!

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