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Introduction to various connection methods and usage methods for EMI power filter

EMI power filters are equipped with input and output terminal blocks to connect with related machinery and equipment. Due to the different conditions of the relevant machinery and equipment, there are several types of terminal blocks available for selection. They are: wire type, pin insertion type, solder pad type, anchor bolt type, guardrail type, patch type, copper bar type, and power socket type, and unique interface methods can be customized.

Their respective available venues are generally:

1. Power socket type: National standard IEC950 power socket, lightweight and easy to install.

2. Wire type: When customers apply, they can immediately use the lead wire shown by the filter to connect with the relevant machine equipment, making it convenient for customers to apply. If the length of the lead wire shown by the filter is insufficient, it can be clearly stated in the order contract.

3. Pin in type: It is a specialized EMI power filter designed for printed circuit boards, which can be immediately applied to the PCB board, so the volume is generally small.

4. Solder type: The material is red copper electroplated with nickel, and its appearance design and thickness can match a special type of wiring clip. Therefore, once the EMI power filter is fixed, it can be quickly inserted and connected to the pre prepared transmission line with wiring clip. Therefore, it is more suitable for operating scale manufacturing.

5. Anchor bolt type: Due to its sturdy and reliable connection, it is more suitable for use as a mechanical equipment for working in fitness and sports situations, such as military equipment, vehicle cutting, ships, etc. In addition, with the expansion of the cross-sectional area of the anchor bolt, the electrical flow rate that can bear load will also increase, and there is a wide range of electrical flow rate in operation, which is a very large current EMI power filter.

6. Guardrail type: Similar to the anchor bolt type, the connection is also relatively sturdy and reliable; Along with the expansion of the cross-sectional area of the screw, the electrical flow rate in the load-bearing work is also increased. At present, the electrical flow rate in the larger load-bearing work is around 100A. Its significant feature is its guardrail structure, which allows for the installation of safety maintenance covers on the guardrail structure to avoid electric shock accidents caused by accidentally touching the screen wiring terminals during the entire process of work.

7. Chip mounted electronic devices: As we all know, chip mounted electronic devices have emerged with the emergence of integrated circuit chips. They are obviously small to medium-sized electronic devices, and naturally, chip mounted EMI power filters are not easily excluded. It can be said that EMI power filters with comprehensive characteristics are still in the development trend stage. At present, our company is only limited to DC EMI power filters of ≤ 6A.

8. Copper bar type: The material is purple copper bar, which is convenient for connection with high electrical flow and can be trusted.

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