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Product EMC test rectification process and comments

EMC is one of the key indicators of quality and safety certification, mainly through the comprehensive evaluation of electromagnetic impact and anti-interference of products. Many products will face the situation of unqualified product testing when conducting product safety certification, especially the frequency of errors in electromagnetic compatibility testing (i.e. EMC testing) is also very wide. When the product fails to pass the inspection, it must be followed by an EMC rectification notice. During the rectification process, many managers and technicians do not know where to start. Let's analyze the difficulties EMC often encounters in rectification and some rectification suggestions.

First, let's talk about the composition of the test report from EMC. EMC mainly includes two categories: EMI (interference) and EMS (product immunity and sensitivity). These two major projects also naturally include many small programs, including key EMI test items: RE (product radiation, emission). CE (product conducted interference). Harmonic (harmonic). Ficker (flicker). EMS key test items: ESD (electrostatic discharge), EFT (electric fast pulse group), DIP (voltage sag), CS (conduction immunity), RS (radiation immunity), Surge (lightning strike), PMS (magnetic field immunity). Through this test report, you can see that the focus of EMC test is the interference signal and sensitivity of the product. If the goods do not conform to the safety verification specification, EMC must make rectification by reducing materials and parts during the rectification process.

一、 EMC rectification plan:

1. After receiving the rectification opinions, position the EMC rectification plan in advance. In the absence of a positioning plan, the blind rectification of goods is like a headless fly, which will only increase the cost of rectification.

2. Positioning method. For the small edge here, the key can be divided into two points. First, intuitive solutions must rely entirely on the intuition and experience of engineers to make judgments. Second: more tests. Think about problems according to the data provided by the test equipment.

二、 EMC rectification process:

1. Rectification process of RE exceeding the standard:


2. Rectification process of wires and cables exceeding the standard:


3. Rectification process of signal cable:


4. Rectification process of shield leakage:


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